AGID- Africa Geothermal Inventory Database
AGID WEB GIS (Geographic Information system)
Launch of AGID at the ARGeo C5

About AGID

The UN Environment Africa Geothermal Inventory Database is an information sharing platform and hub for Geothermla related information in the East African Region. It aims at promoting the exploration, development and utilization of geothermal energy resources by storing, compiling, integrating of geothermal related information in the region and sharing it with end users - public and private entities

The objective of AGID is to catalyze geothermal investment in the region by providing geothermal related data and information to potential investors.

  • A growing demand for a comprehensive collection of geothermal related information in the region, from private and public sectors, as well as other stakeholders in the region.
  • A need for an inventory of available technical and human resources in the domain of geothermal energy resource exploration and development
  • An increased interest and investment in developing geothermal resources in the region

  • Provide geothermal related data and information to potential investors

  • Create a Networking Platform and Hub for the East African Rift Region

  • Provide access to geothermal related information such as sites, reports, as well as human resource capacity and equipment available and required in the region